What is electrolysis hair removal process?

Electrolysis is a process that refers to using the direct electric current through modern machines to remove hair from the root follicle. An electric current is applied with a fine needle.

There are mainly three types of electrolysis i.e. galvanic, thermolysis and blend. Electrolysis is a process in which a large area of unwanted hair is cleared.

People are usually not aware of these kinds of processes.

Whenever they need to get hair removal they stack the internet up with such questions:

Is electrolysis a permanent hair removal? – Facts & Tips

This process refers to the use of today’s medical electrolysis machines to remove singular hair from the face or body. This is done using chemical and heat energy. A probe is infused into the hair follicle destroying the root of the hair growth. Afterwards, the hair is removed with tweezers.
Electrolysis works on most of the areas, for example, the eyebrows, thighs and other parts having unwanted hair. This process however does not carry any permanent side effects.

Guide to Electrolysis Hair Removal

Over one hundred years ago, Charles E. Michel, M.D. used a fine wire and a galvanic current to remove ingrown eyelashes, a painful and recurring condition. Since that day in 1875, millions of men and women, plagued by unwanted hair have benefited from his idea which became known as "electrolysis". Today, with just a few innovations, electrolysis continues to be the treatment of choice and the premier option for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.